What We Believe In

After years of working with WordPress themes as developers, we at Modern Themes took the pile of mental notes we had collected of what worked and what didn’t, and decided it was time to make themes that are beautiful in design and simple to use. As web development is an ever-changing industry that evolves by the day, so do WordPress themes and the designers who use them. Instead of piling up functionality options and overwhelming users, it is time to strip them down and go back to what made them so great to begin with: the simplicity.

Modern Themes was founded with a mission to present a modern website experience which WordPress users of any skill level can work with. Some users may think that choosing from countless sliders and bloated option panels will help them, but in the end, it will leave them confused and helpless when they can’t complete the complicated process some themes can be.

By presenting beautiful designs with simple options, we give users the perfect starting point for their own modern WordPress website. After narrowing down our WordPress custom options to only the necessary features, new users can set up their site in minutes, while more experienced users can go to town with developing and customization. With developers and designers in mind, all our themes are easily customizable and can be packaged with any WordPress plugin that the user may want for additional functionality. It’s not our job to tell the user what they need, it’s our job to make it easy for them to create.

We at Modern Themes want the user to have the best experience possible with our themes. WordPress is one of the most powerful tools the internet has ever seen and we want it to be easy for everyone to use. We are always here for suggestions, but in the end, it’s not our website, it’s yours.

We do have affiliate relationships with some of the themes we recommend, which means we will be paid a referral fee by those companies for themes or services that you download. The money we make from such affiliations allows us to maintain the site and continue to develop new themes.