Hey there, WordPress fans. We recently added Rise WordPress theme to our collection of free themes, and this is one we are especially excited about. Rise is a multipurpose WordPress theme which uses the Post Format WordPress core functionality in order to generate Testimonial and Project posts for the home page and archives. By using post formats, there are no bells or whistles to go [...]
After receiving months of feedback regarding our popular photoblogging Gridsby WordPress Theme, we took into account all of the best suggestions and fixes to create a new and improved version called Resi WordPress Theme. Resi picks up where Gridsby left off and has added many features Gridsby left out.  We have added Instagram-style image filters, new and improved home page layouts, a more traditional lightbox [...]
With such a positive response to our popular Sensible Pro theme, we have taken your input and suggestions and made it even better! No More Limitations You are no longer limited to a certain number of Services or Team members - add as many as you'd like. You can also control the individual sections of your homepage and edit the background color, order and more! [...]
Introducing Premium Themes The response to our free themes has been so great that we have decided to develop a new round of agency designed premium themes. These new themes have been developed to be cross-compatible all of our free premium plugins. This means that you can choose your functionality, and take it with you if you switch themes! We have pricing options to fit [...]
We understand that WordPress can be daunting at times, especially for those who are new to the community. Although we do offer free themes, we are unable to offer free direct support for our members who choose to use them. Starting now, we will be offering Basic Support, Priority Support, and Setup & Support options for all free theme users and non-pro/non-premium members. Click the [...]
It's been a very exciting year for us so far! We are extremely happy to announce the release of our brand new website which will provide a much easier platform for our users to download themes and access information. Theme Documentation We have completely re-created our theme documentation pages to help our users find and search for information much easier. Visit the documentation page if [...]
We all take inspiration for our web design from other sites. A good webmaster is always on the lookout for interesting designs and functionality on all the webpages they visit. How often have you stumbled across an article or a blog where you've said to yourself "I want that on my site!" One of the most important changes you can make to your site design [...]
2014 has come and gone, and with it, the amount of WordPress users keeps getting bigger and more demanding. In 2014, WordPress users rose to over 75 million users (over 60% of websites using a CMS), with those numbers rising by the hundreds of thousands every day. ModernThemes takes look at the some of the trends we can expect to be seeing in 2015. Storytelling [...]
If you have ever tried to create a WordPress theme from scratch, it should be painfully obvious how much work the entire process can be.  A good design can be trumped by poor usability, while many phenomenally coded themes are ignored due to lack of appeal. If you like our themes (and we hope you do), keep reading, our process may work for you as [...]
Don't lose everything if you change your theme This is the vision that Modern Themes was started with and what we strive for with every future release. Modern Themes makes it our effort to keep Theme functionality and Plugin functionality separate. By keeping plugin functionality minimal, we can concentrate on delivering user-friendly WordPress themes that are beautiful in design. We understand the draw that themes [...]
While Wordpress started as a personal blogging platform, it wasn't before too long that some very wise people discovered the power that the platform held as a Content Management System (CMS). Picking a solid CMS is a very critical factor to an online business toolkit, as it gives the user the power to control their own content. There are many great CMS options out there [...]
A recent Forbes article by Jacquelyn Smith titled, Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website, And What It Should Include, inspired the Modern Themes team to deliver a professional Wordpress theme to those who want to take advantage of their own personal website. Personal is the perfect way to present a professional online presence in order to land a dream job. As the [...]
One of the best pieces of advice we ever received in our lives was "keep it simple".  To some users, it may sound like giving up or giving in, but at the end of the day, it will always comes down to that.  It's taking what could be complicated and breaking it down for everyone to understand. Some of the world's biggest problems have often [...]