Plugins are way better than jam packed themes.

Don’t lose everything if you change your theme

This is the vision that Modern Themes was started with and what we strive for with every future release. Modern Themes makes it our effort to keep Theme functionality and Plugin functionality separate. By keeping plugin functionality minimal, we can concentrate on delivering user-friendly WordPress themes that are beautiful in design. We understand the draw that themes packed with endless options have, but it is only in the end that users realize they use less than half of the loaded functionality. Users are left with a bloated site that is frustrating to manage and slow on load times. These are issues that can ruin a WordPress experience.

Modern Themes steers away from developing themes that offer massive options panels with unlimited everything. Instead, we concentrate on the design of themes, and what works for the market or niche. We strive for best practices and offer all our theme options in WordPress’ native customizer. We encourge our theme users to pick the right plugins, as plugins will drive a WordPress site’s functionality. By developing our themes to be plugin-friendly rather than plugin-heavy, users can download our themes for the design and simplicity, then choose what additional functionality they may need down the road.

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