Use WordPress to Launch your Business

While WordPress started as a personal blogging platform, it wasn’t before too long that some very wise people discovered the power that the platform held as a Content Management System (CMS). Picking a solid CMS is a very critical factor to an online business toolkit, as it gives the user the power to control their own content. There are many great CMS options out there to choose from, but as a business owner, there are none as dynamic and adaptable as WordPress.

WordPress is the most capable CMS for users at this moment. Squarespace and Wix are user-friendly options that let the user create their own site based on ready-made templates, but in the end, those templates are are very limiting, especially for a business. WordPress is utilized by more than 61% of all websites that use a CMS and 23% of all websites overall. Some of the biggest companies and businesses using WordPress are:

  • The New York Times
  • CNN
  • Forbes
  • GM
  • UPS
  • eBay
  • Sony
  • Best Buy

Why should my business use WordPress?

WordPress: It’s Free!

WordPress is an open-source project, which means that the kind people at WordPress are constantly updating and evolving. For a business owner, that means they are free to use it for any business, any project, no matter the size or scope, and all at no cost. Updates are sent directly to the WordPress admin panel, so the user will be notified when one is available for upgrade or when a critical update has been installed.

WordPress is easy to use

Having to worry about time spent managing a website can take away from what a business cares about most: the bottom line. Successful businesses spend their time on products and services, so using something as easy as WordPress helps level off the time spent online. A WordPress website can be up-and-running within minutes of purchasing hosting and buying a WordPress theme. There are numerous online training videos and tutorials which can teach any user with a basic knowledge of content creation (if a user can manage Facebook, they can use WordPress) how to populate their posts and pages with ease.

The user administration panel and user interface aspects are very easy to navigate and include many visual aspects to guide users in the right direction to populate a powerful website. As we covered above, WordPress is always improving their user interface options with each new release, and each update makes it easier because it is also free.  That is the best kind of update for a growing business.

Endless Look and Feel

The WordPress option that we at Modern Themes have based our lives around is one that can be extremely helpful to a Business that likes to play with different choices for the way their website looks. WordPress has endless design templates called Themes, which makes it easy for companies to switch the look and feel whenever they want to.  While there are a number of free themes, people in the business world generally know that free can be a synonym for “limited”. Premium WordPress themes offer more unique looks and modern designs. Take a look at Modern Themes’ Business theme for our idea on how WordPress theme should look and feel.

Easy SEO and Social Media Integration

In today’s business world, the two hottest trends of a successful web presence are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and strong social media. WordPress themes are usually developed with SEO best practices in mind to help the website with a good strong first impression when being crawled by search engines.  For additional SEO help, WordPress has plugins which have been designed to help businesses with SEO, namely the very popular All-In-One SEO Pack or SEO by Yoast.

Like the SEO plugins, WordPress is packed with social media plugins which help manage new updates to popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. Business are using social media more than ever to up their online presence, and even simply including  social media icons can help people connect to an interactive web experience for a business. All of our WordPress themes at Modern Themes come complete with a social media section where a business can add their social media URLs and the icons will populate to designated areas of the website.

WordPress it is

With all of these points factored together, a business cannot go wrong with using WordPress. With just a few hours and few dollars, any business can get started with the most powerful and versatile CMS on the planet. Modern Themes offers a few different options for WordPress theme layouts that we believe can be utilized by any type of business for their first WordPress-managed website.

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