BLDR Documentation

BLDR Home Page Setup

If you uploaded our demo content files, you can use the widgets to customize the home page with your own content.

Using SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteBuilder has created the perfect drag and drop plugin that makes WordPress powerful for users of any skill level.

Arranging Home Page Sections

Don't like the order we laid out the home page? Follow this tutorial to see how you can rearrange our pre-made layout.

Activating Suggested Plugins

BLDR takes advantage of using some of the most powerful plugins available. Choose your functionality and learn how to activate and use them.

Google Fonts

Choose from a variety of Google Fonts and assign them to your heading and paragraph styles in the WordPress customizer.

Disable Animations

Disabling animations is as easy as can be. We show you where to locate the button to turn off unwanted animations.

FAQ Documentation

You may also want to check our Frequently Asked Questions documentation for theme independent help like installing themes and plugins, child themes, creating posts and pages, plus much more.

Still Need Help?

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